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The first six months programme of issues from Monaco for 2004 includes a set issued on 29th January 2004 for Princess Grace.  There are four values in the definitive set:  0.5,  1.11,  1.45,  and  19.0 €.  

The 1.11 € value is a Bazzoli/Slania design, but NOT ENGRAVED by Slania.  The stamp is printed in offset and is 40*30 mm horizontal as shown below.  The stamp commemorates the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Irish Library which was opened in November 1984 by Rainier III in honor of Princess Grace's Irish origins. 

The Slania part of the design is on the left hand side of the stamp, and is a copy of the 1996 Europa Issue for Famous Women showing Princess Grace.  The original 1996 stamp has Princess Grace looking to the left hand side.  

This stamp has the Slania design on the left hand side, but the Princess Grace portrait is mirrored to have her look at the shamrock to the right with the Princess's monogram. The original 1996-stamp is available here for comparison.  The link will open in a new window.

Scott # 2320

Incidentally, it strikes me, how extremely well the graphic design of this stamp is done. If you focus strictly on the cypher (created by Slania prior to 1982) it seems to have roughly the same shape as the shamrock (trefoil), that is the symbolic background of the cypher. 

The shamrock is not an official emblem in the Republic of Ireland - the state emblem is the 12-stringed harp and this is embossed on official government documents and is on the presidential standard. However the green trefoil is registered under international trade-mark conventions as a symbol of Ireland. Shamrocks do not appear on Irish coins, bank-notes or postage stamps, as a rule. 

Monaco 2004. Close-up of Princess Grace's Cypher

On October 4, 2004 Monaco has marked the 75th anniversary of the birth (November 12, 1929) of their beloved Princess Grace.  The label at the bottom of the sheet contains a surprise: "Hommage à Grace, Patricia KELLY", goes against the story that Prince Rainier was upset when the U.S. commemorative of 1993 (Scott 2749) was issued with her American name "Grace Kelly".  Perhaps the Prince has had a change of heart in his old age.

Three portraits of the princess, printed in royal blue, at different times of her life, by three different engravers, form the designs of three stamps, valued at € 0.75, 1.75, and 3.50.  The low value shows her as a young actress in a portrait designed and engraved by Pierre Albuisson.  The middle stamp shows her as a young princess in an engraving by Czeslaw Slania which was made some years ago as an essay.  On the high value she is the mature wife of the head of state and mother of three in her later life, engraved by the Swedish engraver Martin Mörck.  

The unvalued Royal Cypher Monogram was created by Slania for Princess Grace prior to 1982, and was first used for the Princess Grace Memorial sheet, issued in black April 1983 (Scott 1367).  For the new issue the years of her birth and death have been added to her Cypher.  

All information from "Close-Up",  No. 3/2004. 

The first stamp to appear from Monaco in 2005 was this one, depicting the late Prince Rainier III, who passed away early 2005. The stamp is a re-use of an earlier Slania-design (1989-1991).  Not yet listed in Scott.  

It appears in a pane of three (shown below), of which Slania has engraved the stamp of Prince Rainier, and Martin Mörck the stamp of the Princely Palace and of Prince Albert.  

Images by courtesy of Jose Maria Lopez Muñoz (Spain)

 1972- 1981 1982-1984 1985-1987 1988-1992 1993-1994 1995-2001 2004-2005

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