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Faeroe Islands

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Special notice about the Europa-Stamps (CEPT)
The CEPT-stamps 1980 were engraved by Slania, and the stamps were to be printed in Finland. The printing plates in Finland were produced in an etching process that had never caused problems. That summer the [Finnish] Printing Works had moved out of Helsinki to the woods in a suburban area, and the printing of these stamps was one of the first ones to take place in the new premises, giving enormous problems with the printing plates. Having tried several print runs with new plates the result was far from satisfactory; we [in Torshavn] were notified that Finland was about to give up, and that we had to wait for delivery till after the summer holidays -- then they would give it another try. However, we insisted on delivery as contracted, and wanted to make the quality control ourselves of the stamps delivered.

Having received the stamps we realized that the problems were so huge, that we didn't stand a chance. We asked the Swiss Printing Works to help out, and they promised to do so. At this moment we also changed the layout of one of the stamps -- the face value was moved to the other side of the stamp, i.e. from the lower left corner to the lower right corner.   

Later we had the Finnish prints burned at the dump in Torshavn, but unfortunately some of the material was not completely incinerated. Only later the Finnish printers found out that the problems with the
printing plates were caused by the water supply in the new factory.  The water contained ironore, which destroyed the chemical process of the plates.

Concerning Postverk Foroya's seeming lack of interest in having the stamps returned this is completely wrong. [Personal remarks omitted]. I was not present myself at Pacific 97, and cannot imagine Svanbjorg
(an employee of Postverk Foroya) being reluctant in any way. It may have been our local New York representative, and he did not know the story in all the sad details.

The story is really pretty undramatic. The only dramatic element is in the constant rumour-mongering. If anybody should be attempted by offers of this material they must know that we have a verdict that any such material is our legal property, and that we are entitled to claim it back, which we have done in several cases, and will do again whenever we come across it. Because of the verdict no serious auction house will accept this failed material for sale.  Submitted by Mr. Knud Wacher, Postverk Foroya. 

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1979.  International Childrens' Year.  From left to right drawings by 

The pew gables originate from the only medieval church still in use on the Faeroe Islands, St. Olav's Church in the village of Kirkjub°ur. During the Catholic period the village of Kirkjub°ur was the Episcopal residence of the Faeroes and it's cultural centre, and the St. Olav's Church, which is presumed to have been consecrated to the virgin Mary, has served as cathedral throughout the Middle Ages. The church was reconstructed in 1874. It is not known with certainty how old this church is, but it is believed to be from the 12th century. 

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The below set of Faeroese flowers is NOT engraved by Czeslaw Slania, but designed by him, and show beautifully another side of the master engraver's prolific talents.  

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