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An indispensable tool for the serious Slania-collector

As a help to all Slania-collectors I have developed a fully searchable checklist containing all Czeslaw Slania's engraved postage stamps from all countries and all years.  Catalogue numbers are given after Stanley Gibbons, Scott, Michel, and Yvert & Tellier, enabling any collector to use his/her favourite catalogue.  

The checklist is obtainable for the modest sum of $8.00 (US), and will give a unique overview of Czeslaw Slania's engraved postage stamps, providing at the same time your personal checklist.  To give you an idea of what you are buying, here is a sample country, Australia, for free. 

Click here to download Australia

If you want the rest of the database, simply click the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase via PayPal. The file will emailed to you shortly after your payment is received, usually within 24 hours.  The file is compressed in WinZip, ver.7, and takes c. 80 Kb (fully extracted ca. 280 Kb) in Excel.  If you wish to print out the checklist it is advisable to adjust your printer so that the sheets are printed horizontally (landscape-position), and -- at least -- the option "print gridlines" checked.  At present there are c. 43 pages to print.

The checklist does not contain banknotes or other Slania-related items, such as FDC's, imperf varieties, black-prints, revenues, postal cards, reply cards, souvenir cards, telephone cards etc., but you can add more columns to fit your specific collection of such items.  A few such items are shown in the stamp section of this site.   The checklist will be updated annually when catalogue numbers of recent issues have become known.  The checklist is guaranteed virus-free.  

The checklist is a simplified version of the official hardcover checklist published by the Czeslaw Slania Study Group, Milwaukee, USA, but is far from a digitalized copy of this.  The hardcover copy which is obtainable from the Czeslaw Slania Study Group, will give you much more detailed information about each item than it is possible in an online database.  Further, the hardcover checklist has only Scott catalogue numbers through and through, whereas mine has cross references between the four major catalogues.  Yet, the purchase price for the hardcover copy and mine is the same.  The Study Group is not online, but you can find the postal address on the link page of this site.  

All possible care has been taken to state the correct catalogue numbers of the four major catalogues, but if you in spite of this meet any mistakes, or have any questions, please let me know by email, and I will contact you soonest possible.  All feedback is welcome, and is received with pleasure  :-) 

Full and exclusive copyrights are reserved world wide.  The checklist may be used only for private collecting and reference purposes.  It is strictly forbidden to copy it or re-sell it with regard to commercial distribution.  

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